[Press Release] Revolutionizing Global Industries: NSW Automation Unveils Innovative Micro-Dispensing Facility in Penang, Malaysia.

[Press Release] Revolutionizing Global Industries: NSW Automation Unveils Innovative Micro-Dispensing Facility in Penang, Malaysia

7 December, 2023

December 7, 2023 – NSW Automation, a leading force in precision fluid dispensing systems for the microelectronics and semiconductor industries, triumphantly announced the grand opening of its new headquarters in Penang. This relocation signifies a momentous shift from their former island-based location to the mainland, marking a significant step forward for the company’s growth and operations. 

Esteemed guests, including ADUN Bukit Tambun and Director of InvestPenang, YB Goh Choon Aik, (representing the Chief Minister of Penang, Right Honourable Mr Chow Kon Yeow), Chief Executive Officer of InvestPenang, Dato’ Loo Lee Lian, Director of MATRADE Northern Regional, Pn. Saudah Mat Isa and Director of MIDA Penang, Mr. Muhammad Ghaddaffi bin Sardar, graced the occasion, underscoring the paramount importance of NSW Automation’s commitment to innovation and its pivotal role in advancing manufacturing capabilities. The celebratory event on December 7th witnessed a mesmerizing ribbon-cutting ceremony, captivating lion dance performances, and enlightening addresses from eminent company officials, community leaders, and distinguished industry luminaries. 

Simultaneously, the Innovation Expo unfolded, serving as a dynamic stage to unveil NSW Automation’s dedication to innovation and cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. The expo featured engaging presentations, live demonstrations, and a keen spotlight on the latest product lines, emphasizing Fluid Dispensing Technology custom-tailored to enhance the global Electronics and Electrical (E&E) industry. During the event, NSW Automation’s top 5 dispensing application solutions took centre stage:

  • Full Range Solder Paste Dispensing Application & Solutions
  • Adaptive UV Adhesive Micro-DAM
  • Underfill Dispensing Solutions
  • High-performance Encapsulation & Filling solutions
  • Micro Dispensing in Advanced Semiconductor Packaging


Complementing the grand opening, December 8th hosted an enlightening Innovation Expedition for students from PSDC, TARUC, and USM. This interactive initiative aimed to introduce NSW Automation’s innovative products and solutions while offering invaluable insights into the industry. The hands-on experience proved particularly enriching for engineering students seeking exposure to advanced technologies and practical applications.

NSW Automation’s latest expansion demonstrates its commitment to innovation and agility in meeting the dynamic needs of the industry. The newly established plant boasts an expansive floor area, surpassing 38,000 square feet, with a dedicated 14,000 square feet solely for advanced manufacturing operations. Spread across three floors, each floor offers 7,156 square feet of office space. This cutting-edge headquarters signifies a substantial investment of nearly 20 million Ringgit Malaysia by NSW Automation. With its upgraded operational capabilities, the facility anticipates yielding up to 100 million Ringgit Malaysia in annual revenue, showcasing its dedication to growth and excellence. 

This investment stands as a testament to NSW Automation’s dedication to fostering job opportunities for local talents. The expansion of this facility has led to a remarkable increase in job openings, with a significant rise of 20 to 25% across various departments compared to previous figures. Moreover, recognizing the importance of nurturing future talent, NSW Automation actively runs internship programs tailored for students. These initiatives aim to provide hands-on experience and learning opportunities, preparing the next generation for careers in the innovative field of fluid dispensing technology. This commitment to both professional recruitment and educational development underscores NSW Automation’s holistic approach towards empowering the local workforce.

ADUN Bukit Tambun and Director of InvestPenang, YB Goh Choon Aik (representing the Chief Minister of Penang, Right Honourable Mr Chow Kon Yeow) stated, “NSW Automation’s new factory opening is also a testament to Penang’s sustainable investment location. Penang’s conducive environment not only allows industry players to participate and thrive but, also able to witnesses true commitments made to well-being of the state. I am optimistic for NSW facility’s capabilities to achieve greater heights for the years to come.”

Mr. Boo Kiang Ngee, Managing Director of NSW Automation, expressed his appreciation to the Government of Malaysia, particularly to InvestPenang, MIDA and MATRADE, for their unwavering commitment to NSW Automation’s ambitious vision of being a leader in technological innovation. 

“This is also a clear reflection of our dedication to progress and innovation. It goes beyond just a larger physical space; it signifies a significant boost in our ability to create and distribute advanced micro dispensing systems. Additionally, the increase in size underscores our commitment to advancing technological innovation in meeting future dispensing requirements.” Speech present by Managing Director of Mr. Boo Kiang Ngee.

As NSW Automation enters this pivotal phase, its commitment remains resolute in delivering high-quality solutions to meet industrial demands while driving positive change and fostering sustainable growth. The 19-year journey of NSW Automation symbolizes its unwavering dedication and unyielding pursuit of excellence. 




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