Penang’s vibrant industrial ecosystem is a strong determining factor for many investments,
upheld by a network of diversified and competent local manufacturers

Aerospace / Avionics

With SAM Engineering & Equipment taking a prominent presence here in the State together with few other aerospace / avionics companies, Penang is poised to become a growth nexus for the sector – in line with Malaysia’s aim to become Southeast Asia’s leading aerospace nation by 2030.


In 2023, the Malaysian aerospace industry is on track to meet its revenue target of RM18 billion, backed by the first three quarters’ estimated revenue to be over RM16 billion. In terms of trade performance, in January to November 2023, Malaysia’s aerospace export value reached RM5.59 billion, recording 10.1% increase year-on-year (Source: MATRADE).


Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) commits to boost Malaysia aerospace players in the global supply chain, which is consistent with New Industrial Master Plan’s (NIMP) goal of increasing economic complexity and aerospace being one of the key priority sectors.


Under the Malaysian Aerospace Industry Blueprint 2023, Malaysia aims to become Southeast Asia’s top aerospace nation by 2030 through becoming an integral part of the global aerospace supply chain. By 2030, its revenue is expected to reach RM55.2 billion with more than 32,000 high-income jobs in the pipeline.


Currently, aerospace companies in Penang are involved in the manufacture and supply chain of aircraft components and parts including aerospace structures, avionics, engines, cable assemblies, connectors, PCBA, sub-assembly, machining solutions, moulding, precision machining and grinding and special surface treatment process.


Companies: SAM & Equipment, Honeywell, Paradigm Aerospace (under Kobay Technology) and other supporting EMS companies


Note: The list of companies is not comprehensive and it is for general information purposes only. All content and information on the list might be changed or updated without notice.

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