Global Business Services Focus Group (GFG) Penang Chapter

To spearhead more focused growth Digital Economy industry in Penang, the State via InvestPenang has established the Global Business Services Focus Group (GFG) Penang Chapter. This initiative, led by InvestPenang, includes representatives from MDEC and industry leaders like ams OSRAM, Citigroup, Clarivate, Infineon, Intel, Motorola Solution, UST Malaysia, and Wilmar.


The GFG Penang Chapter aims to advise and advocate for the Penang State Government in positioning Penang as a preferred destination for investments in the digital economy, with a specific focus on the Global Shared Services (GBS) sector. This involves guiding the planning, development, and promotion of the industry in Penang.


  1. Serve as the primary point of contact for matters concerning the GBS industry in Penang.
  2. Enhance visibility and advocate for the growth of the GBS sector in Penang through strategic programs and initiatives.
  3. Establish and nurture a platform for sharing of information, exchanging ideas, and finding solutions to industry challenges.

GBS Focus Group Committee Members Y2024

Amar Chhajer
Amar Chhajer
Country Manager Malaysia, UST Malaysia / Chairman GBS Focus Group Malaysia
Audrey MH Foo
Audrey MH Foo
Director, Cash Operations Head, Citigroup Transaction Services
Bramdikin Bandaria
Bramdikin Bandaria
ams OSRAM GBS Penang Site Head & GBS Global Procurement Operation Head
Cheejin Gark
Cheejin Gark
Vice President GFS Malaysia, Managing Director, Infineon Technologies
Evelyn Teoh
Evelyn Teoh
Head of Finance Operations Center, Asia Pacific, Motorola Solutions Malaysia
Jamie Tang
Jamie Tang
Accounting Controller, Intel
Oh Ming Poh
Oh Ming Poh
General Manager, Willmar GBS
Shaun Lee
Shaun Lee
Global Order Management & Billing Sr. Director & Clarivate Malaysia Site Leader

Programme under GFG

Penang Global Shared Services Industry Academy (PGIA)

About PGIA


PGIA is an academy that pools resources from the private sectors, government entities and academia to bridge talent supply and demand gap as well as become a launchpad course to enhance the readiness and competency of the talent. The academy focuses on courses and skillsets related to digital economy, targeted at fresh graduates, job seekers, working professionals, academics, and business owners. These include introductory of GBS programmes, technical or specialised skillsets as well as management and soft skills to build their capabilities. PGIA equipped future graduates, new hires, existing workforce and individuals with skills and knowledge required, hence increase their employability in the digital economy industry.



Promote and raise career awareness of digital economy as the a engine of growth for Penang
With greater awareness of career options on hand, graduates, new hires, existing employees will be better informed in their career choices.


To nurture a new wave of GBS and digital talent (re-skill and upskill)
PGIA focuses on addressing critical high-skilled talent gaps in the GBS industry via introduction of GBS programmmes and upskilling programmes. Relevant contents and curriculums will be designed and aligned to develop GBS competencies among talent.


Build platforms to optimise talent
PGIA aims to develop initiatives to address talent gap at all levels, from fresh graduates to current experienced workforce. This is to ensure a sustainable pool of talent to meet the industry needs.

Who and how will PGIA benefit?



  • Address the growing need for specialised talent/ skills.
  • Build core knowledge and skills based on best practices.
  • Generate greater leverage in creating a better pipeline that can address the needs of all employers.
  • Engage and retain key employees by providing ongoing learning at every level.
  • Add value for small employers – small employers commonly do not have the internal resources or leverage to get the same results as larger employers.



  • Able to understand the needs of GBS business cultures and processes.
  • Keep abreast with the rapid technological advancements and industry best practices.
  • Better promote the development of industry-ready talent.



  • Serve as an introduction and exposure to the GBS industry in order to provide talent the confidence to start their early career in this industry.
  • Able to understand the GBS business cultures, processes, management tools to have improvements in their soft skills.
  • Move up their career to the high value-added activities.


For more information about PGIA, please visit

Contact Information

Tun Qurratul Ain

Head of Digital Economy & Services