Penang is the ideal location accommodating all types of high-value added activities supported by skilled workforces in many technology-based businesses.

Global Business Services (GBS)

In Malaysia, the digital economy is one of the key economic pillars and is expected to contribute 25.5% of the country’s GDP by 2025 according to Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). In Penang, it is equally important to note that aside from manufacturing sector, services industry is also among the Penang’s twin engine of growth, contributing to almost 50% of the State’s GDP.


Particularly, Penang is one of the thriving hubs for Global Business Services within Malaysia (GBS) and housing Centre of Excellence (CoE) for multinationals. The GBS operations of multinationals are mainly serving their companies’ global or Asia Pacific operations. The establishment of GBS services in Penang is a natural extension that usually complements or is synergistic to the companies’ existing manufacturing operations in Penang.

Companies: B Braun, Intel, Jabil, Motorola, Celestica, Swarovski, UST Global, AMD

Note: The list of companies is not comprehensive and it is for general information purposes only. All content and information on the list might be changed or updated without notice.

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