Penang is the ideal location accommodating all types of high-value added activities supported by skilled workforces in many technology-based businesses.

Integrated Circuit (IC) Design

Leveraging on Penang’s manufacturing excellence, it is deepening its root in the areas that required strong engineering expertise for research, design and development activities. In New Industrial Master Plan 2030 launched by Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI) in 2023, Malaysia is looking to expand to high value-added activities in the value chain such as Integrated Circuit (IC) design. IC design includes design of both physical IC and associated software.


Penang is home to foreign IC design centre, such as Intel and UST, with the emergence of local and foreign players in this field, Penang envision to be a regional hub for IC and IC test design in the near future

Companies: Intel, Oppstar, Skyechip, Infinecs, UST

Integrated Circuit (IC) Design Company
Integrated Circuit (IC) Design Company
Integrated Circuit (IC) Design Company
Integrated Circuit (IC) Design Company

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