Penang’s vibrant industrial ecosystem is a strong determining factor for many investments,
upheld by a network of diversified and competent local manufacturers

Precision Engineering & Equipment

This sector mainly covers the engineering and manufacturing of precision tools and equipment for various industrial applications, including the E&E, medical devices, aerospace and automotive sectors. According to Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), machinery, equipment and parts export recorded at RM57.3 billion in 2023, representing 4% of the total exports.


The abundance of companies operating within this field in Penang cover a wide band of specialties such as following but not limited to:

  • Printed circuit boards (PCB) assembly
  • Die casting
  • Computer numerical control (CNC)
  • Plastic moulding
  • Industrial machinery & modules
  • Total / integrated solutions provider


In tandem with the evolution of technology and the industrial revolution, most of the companies have transitioned or in the midst of transitioning to full automation of the above work processes.


Companies: ViTrox, Pentamaster, Walta Engineering, UMS Group, Towa-M, VAT, BBS Automation, Frencken, Sanmina, NationGate, Greatech Engineering


Note: The list of companies is not comprehensive and it is for general information purposes only. All content and information on the list might be changed or updated without notice.

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