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The decision was made in November 2019: In summer 2020, on an ambitious schedule, Comet is to start manufacturing at its new site in Penang. The project team responsible is racing to make it happen. With good reason.

In the semiconductor industry, few things count more than speed – and especially in Asia, the world’s fastest-growing market region. This is perhaps nowhere more palpable than in Penang, Malaysia, the industry’s manufacturing hotspot. “Our customers expect us to be able to react to shifts in demand at very short notice. The new manufacturing site in Penang enables us to do exactly that – rapidly, scalably, flexibly and competitively,” explains the project leader, Stephan Runge. Comet’s Plasma Control Technologies division is going first, putting in place an important stepping stone for the Group’s success by implementing this strategic project, and will thus pave the way for its sister divisions.

What creates the desired flexibility is the collaborative approach taken: Comet leases the very modern space from a well-known local partner. The partner provides the necessary infrastructure, assembles subassemblies and ensures the ability to expand production at the site according to demand. The rapid implementation is the job of an international team of employees from Switzerland, the USA and China. It optimally combines the required areas of specialist expertise as well as proximity to customers and suppliers. “Our work strengthens Comet’s presence in this strategically important region, allows customer requests to be filled even more purposefully and enables even faster times to market. That’s really motivating and spurs us to reach our strategic goals,” says Stephan Runge.

Source: Comet Website