Celectric Sdn. Bhd.

Celectric Sdn. Bhd.

5 June 2024

At a Glance

Principal Activit(ies): Industrial Equipment and Services Provider
Location(s): 12, Lorong Industri Ringan PMTG Tinggi 5, Kawasan Industri Ringan PMTG Tinggi, 14100 Simpang Ampat
Number of employees: 5 – 10
Manufacturing Floorspace: 11,119 sq. ft.
Core Competency(ies):
  • Flow Measuring Instruments
  • Pressure Measuring Instruments
  • Level Measuring Instruments
  • Temperature Measuring Instruments
  • Process Controls Instruments
  • Technical Expertise
  • Industry Solutions
  • Online Resources
Revenue: RM 7 million
Certification (s): NA
Website: http://www.mycelectric.com
Contact Person: Ch’ng Eng Loon
Email: engloon.chng@mycelectric.com



Celectric is a trusted Multi-Vendor Distributor specialising in Industrial Process Instruments. Its dedicated focus is on providing the best products for customers’ specific applications, prioritising customers’ needs over sales targets. With the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and expertise in the field, Celectric strives to provide the highest quality solutions for industrial process instrumentation requirements.

Celectric caters to multiple industries like manufacturing, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, food and beverage, research and development, environmental monitoring, semiconductor, and food and beverage.


Products & Services

Key Products:

Temperature Measurement:

  1. Temperature Sensors: Including thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and thermistors for accurate temperature measurement in industrial processes.
  2. Temperature Transmitters: Devices that convert temperature signals from sensors into standardised outputs for control and monitoring systems.
  3. Temperature Controllers: Instruments for maintaining precise temperature control in industrial processes, HVAC systems, and laboratory equipment.

Pressure Measurement:

  1. Pressure Transducers: Sensors that convert pressure into an electrical signal for monitoring and control purposes.
  2. Pressure Transmitters: Instruments that transmit pressure readings to control systems or data acquisition devices for analysis and monitoring.
  3. Pressure Gauges: Mechanical devices used to visually display pressure readings in industrial applications.


Flow Measurement:

  1. Flow Meters: Instruments for measuring the flow rate of liquids, gases, or steam in industrial processes, including magnetic, ultrasonic, and Coriolis flow meters.
  2. Flow Sensors: Devices that detect the presence or movement of fluid flow for control and monitoring purposes.
  3. Flow Switches: Instruments that trigger an alarm or control action when a certain flow rate threshold is reached or exceeded.


Level Measurement:

  1. Level Sensors: Devices for detecting the level of liquids or solids in tanks, vessels, or silos using various sensing technologies.
  2. Level Switches: Instruments that trigger an alarm or control action when a certain level threshold is reached or exceeded.
  3. Level Transmitters: Instruments that transmit level readings to control systems or data acquisition devices for monitoring and control purposes.


Data Acquisition and Control:

  1. Data Loggers: Devices for recording and storing data from sensors or instruments over time for analysis and troubleshooting.
  2. Data Acquisition Systems: Hardware and software solutions for collecting, processing, and analysing measurement data from various sensors and instruments.
  3. Process Controllers: Instruments for regulating and controlling industrial processes based on input signals from sensors or transmitters.


Environmental Measurement:

  1. Humidity Sensors: Instruments for measuring the relative humidity of air or gas in industrial environments.
  2. Environmental Monitors: Devices for monitoring and recording environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and air quality.
  3. Gas Detectors: Instruments for detecting and measuring the concentration of gases in the air for safety and environmental monitoring purposes.


Calibration Equipment:

  1. Calibration Instruments: Devices used to calibrate and verify the accuracy of temperature, pressure, and flow measurement instruments.
  2. Calibration Standards: Reference standards and equipment used as a basis for calibrating measurement instruments to ensure traceability and accuracy.
  3. Calibration Services: Professional calibration services provided by trained technicians to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurement instruments.


Signal Conditioning and Isolation:

  1. Signal Conditioners: Devices for conditioning and amplifying sensor signals before transmission to control systems or data acquisition devices.
  2. Signal Isolators: Instruments for electrically isolating and protecting control signals from interference or ground loops in industrial environments. These key products cater to a wide range of industrial applications and play a crucial role in ensuring accuracy, reliability, and efficiency in industrial processes across various sectors.


Future Plan

Celectric is planning for market penetration in Southeast Asia; expanding beyond Malaysia and tapping into the growing industrial markets of neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia through strategic partnerships and distribution networks.

Besides that, Celectric will continue to specialise in Industry 4.0 Solutions. This includes offering specialised solutions for Industry 4.0 initiatives, such as smart manufacturing, digital twin technology, and predictive maintenance, to help clients improve productivity and competitiveness.

Furthermore, Celectric aims to strive in providing customised engineering solutions. By strengthening capabilities in providing customised engineering solutions tailored to the unique requirements of their customers, particularly in niche industries such as biotechnology and semiconductor manufacturing.

Celectric also plans to focus on customer experience. The company aims to prioritise customer experience by offering responsive technical support, fast turnaround times for orders and services, and proactive communication throughout the customer journey.


Achievements & Awards

  • Golden Bull 2021 – Emerging SMES
  • LICTA 2023 – Excellent Process Instruments Provider


Written in May 2024


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