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On 5 June 2020, government announced several attractive incentives for company that relocating to Malaysia:

  • 0% tax rate for 10 years for new investment in manufacturing sectors with capex between RM300-500 million
  • 0% tax rate for 15 years for new investment in manufacturing sectors with capex above RM500 million
  • 100% Investment Tax Allowance for 3 years for existing company in Malaysia relocating overseas facilities into Malaysia with capex above RM300 million
  • Special Reinvestment Allowance for manufacturing and selected agriculture activity, from YA 2020 to YA 2021.
  • Establishment of Project Acceleration & Coordination Unit (PACU) at MIDA
  • Enhancement of Domestic Investment Strategic Fund
  • Manufacturing License approval for non-sensitive industry within 2 working days

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Source: MoF – Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara (PENJANA), Short Term Recovery Plan