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The pandemic has undoubtedly clouded the industries worldwide with challenges, gladly, our strategic investors remained confidence on Penang. B. Braun, a global leading medical device player and the pioneer company in Penang’s industrialisation journey since 1972, plans to deepen its roots here.

Christoph Mueller, B. Braun’s Asia Pacific Senior Vice President of Operations shared that the company has invested a significant amount into its facilities in Penang over the past years. At the moment, B. Braun is going towards efficiency improvements in the factories and preparing its grounds to look for the opportunities to grow the site. “Being the large single manufacturing site in the B. Braun group, there are more ideas and more things to come here in Penang,” Christoph said.

Listen to BFM’s interview with Christoph on B. Braun’s outlook as well as the company’s strategies in Penang.