Menara Kerjaya Fasteners Sdn. Bhd.

Menara Kerjaya Fasteners Sdn. Bhd.

5 July 2024

At a Glance

Principal Activit(ies): Manufacturer, exporter, and trader of world class quality fasteners for diverse industrial needs ranging from furniture to construction industries
Location(s): Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia
Number of employees: 130
Manufacturing Floorspace: 217,800 sq. ft. (Factory space)
Core Competency(ies):
  • Highly efficient and precise cold forging machines to produce high quality fasteners
  • Skilled and experienced workforce to ensure the products are made in accordance with the quality standards
  • Stringent line inspection at each stage of production to reassure product quality
  • A wide variety of types and sizes of screw
  • In-house Mechanical Zinc Plating facility offers top class corrosion resistance coating to fasteners
  • Fully equipped QC laboratory for product inspection and testing as per the international fastener standards.
Revenue: RM55 million (2023)
Certification (s): ISO 9001:2015
Contact Person: Mr. Sim Saw Beng



Menara Kerjaya Fasteners Sdn. Bhd. (MK) started its journey in 1995 with the mission of supplying top class quality fasteners to the market. Located in Perda SMI Industrial Park, Penang, MK is now one of the leading fastener manufacturers in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.



In 1997, MK relocated its production facilities to the current 5-acre site with the goal of increasing production capacity to meet growing customer demands and drive business growth. Equipped with larger capacity, MK made its international debut during the Asian economic crisis in 1998. MK’s quality products were well-received by European and Canadian customers, leading to steady expansion into other countries such as Australia, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Besides focusing on business growth, MK is constantly improving its business activities to achieve the highest standards of environmental sustainability by reducing carbon footprint in its manufacturing process. In 2020, MK initiated its solar power project by installing large number of solar panels at its factory roof top.  MK’s solar power system can generate average 3,000 kW of green energy daily and able to reduce 2 tons of Carbon dioxide per day.



Products & Services

With over 28 years of experience, MK has transformed from a regional fastener producer to a global one. MK exports about 60% of its quality products and has a wide spectrum of clienteles across many major cities in the world.

One of MK’s flagship products is self drilling screws.  Self drilling screws is a type of screw with a drill point end. Self drilling screws eliminate the need for a pre-drilled pilot hole as this screw can perform the drilling, tapping and fastening in one action, which saves installer the extra step of drilling, then fastening. MK’s self drilling screws are good for metal building and light gauge metal assemblies. MK’s drill point #5 self drilling screws are already capable of fastening half-inch steel sheets.



Product Range


Achievement & Awards

With the outstanding achievement in the sector, MK was selected as one of the winners of SMI Recognition Award in 2003, and “MK” brand was awarded as Malaysia Power Brand in 2010.



Future Plan

MK is committed to enhance its manufacturing efficiency and capabilities by integrating advanced Industry 4.0 solutions and tools into its manufacturing processes. Leveraging cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) devices and machine learning algorithms, MK can gather real-time data from all manufacturing divisions, detect anomalies, identify quality issues, and promptly take corrective actions while ensuring product traceability. Furthermore, MK aims to modernise its current warehouse system by transitioning from manual to automated. By introducing an automated warehousing system, MK can optimize storage capacity, enhance stock accuracy, and reduce operational costs.


Written in June 2024


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