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Where can I get the investment updates in Penang?

InvestPenang publishes investment updates on a quarterly basis. Also, from time to time, InvestPenang organizes seminars, workshops and talks to raise awareness of new government policies, for the industry and business communities in Penang.

Where can I get information on the cost of doing business in Malaysia?

The Malaysian Investment Development Authority’s website will provide you with the relevant information. Alternatively, you can refer to this guide compiled by InvestPenang.

Can InvestPenang organize business meetings for me in Penang?

InvestPenang will assist by linking you to the relevant companies.

I need the contact details of services providers in Penang. Can InvestPenang assist me? provides the contacts of service providers in Penang.

Who can assist me in getting funding or grant?

Depending on the type of funding you require, InvestPenang will assist to link you to the relevant agencies.

Do investPenang have any social media channel?

Yes we do as a matter of fact. You may bookmark or follow us through our social media channels to get near-daily updates. Here are the available channels:

Facebook - InvestPenang ,Twitter - InvestPenang ,
LinkedIn - InvestPenang