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The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused much disruption in the way we operate our business today. But that’s not stopping us to deliver our promises to our members as we continue to value add to the membership and the GBS industry. So here we are bringing to you the Smart Sourcing Summit Webinar Series themed Hyper- Collaboration the New Normal.

Apple and Google have teamed-up to create COVID-19 contact tracing technology.  Europe announced an alliance raising billions of dollars to help find a vaccine and treatments for the virus.  We are now seeing hotels and restaurants teaming up, rather than competing.  Looks like “hyper-collaboration” is becoming the new normal.

What does hyper-collaboration mean? … Hyper-collaboration means seeing ecosystems for what they are: not just candy stores full of opportunities, but fiercely competitive arenas in which companies fight for the best partners, technologies and networks to create, build and defend added value.

Join us at this Smart Sourcing Summit Webinar Series 2020 and be part of the scintillating conversations with industry leaders.


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