Penang Dialogue: Penang ManPower

Penang Dialogue: Penang ManPower

25 February 2011

Theme: ManPower in Penang

Date: February 25, 2011

Venue: E&O Property Gallery, 11 Beach Road, Singapore




  1. To share the latest development on the job market and trends in Penang, and
  2. To share on the strengthen/stronger Human Resource pool in Penang



Facilitator: Mr. Ho Chin Beng




1.    Ms. Kay Sock Phoh, Regional Sales Manager, Strategizing Talent Development: Preparing For Tomorrow’s Needs (PDF)
2.    Ms. Diana Boon, Senior Director for Asia Staffing & Onboarding, Seagate Technology Talent Mix with Government & Infrastructure Support Make Seagate Penang an Attractive Place to Invest