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Theme:          HELP WANTED: Confronting The Global Talent Crunch

Date:              July 19, 2011

Venue:           Ballroom, Hotel Equatorial, Penang


The global recovery has inevitably escalated another serious problem in Malaysia and many other regions worldwide – Talent Shortage. Many companies in Malaysia are facing difficulties in employing and retaining suitable talent. The mobility of our talent means that other economies in the region are also competing for the same well trained, capable and skilled workforce. On the other hand, new graduates are often not able to scale up to the dynamic needs of employers fast enough nor in a satisfactory manner. With demand seemingly far exceeding the supply of talent at the moment, what should be the strategies deployed by companies? We hope to discuss relevant strategic HR solutions and effective talent strategies on confronting Talent Crunch in our HRNE this year.



Learn about effective talent strategies in confronting the Global Talent Crunch Share and discover key secrets in overcoming talent shortages Network and build relationships with industry peers to share ideas and experiences.