AKTY Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

AKTY Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

6 February, 2024

At a Glance

Principal Activit(ies): Micro precision processing and mass manufacturing of products made from advanced ceramics such as Alumina, Zirconia, SiC, Al2N3, etc.

Provision of engineering services to achieve sub-micron level dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

Location(s): Plot 475, Tingkat Perusahaan Empat, Prai Free Trade Zone, 13600 Prai, Penang.
Number of employees: 30
Manufacturing Floorspace: 20,000 sq. ft.
Core Competency(ies):
  • Sourcing and support of advanced ceramics materials from established overseas suppliers.
  • Skilful and precise machining and handling of small parts or components
  • Slicing, dicing, multi-wire sawing, rounding, centerless grinding, single- and double-sided lapping, buffing and polishing
  • Ceramic metallisation and screen-printing services (AgPt, AgPd and others)
  • Achieve surface finish with the desired roughness, flatness and mirror finish
Revenue: RM 10 million
Certification (s):
  • ISO14001
  • ISO9001
Website: www.akty.com.my
Contact Person: Tan Kim Huat
Email: tkh@akty.com.my



Akty Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (Akty) was first established in year 2001 as an offshoot of Hitachi Metals Electronics, then a major producer of magnetic heads (Composite Slider Assembly, Thin Film, Magneto Resistive and Giant Magneto Resistive heads) for the computer hard disk drive industry. Since 2002, Akty has been a major producer of critical micro components (dielectric substrate chips, magnets, and garnets) for the isolators used in the mobile handphones and the 4G/5G base stations.

In 2005, Akty also expanded into niche engineering services such as lapping (single/double sided) and buffing/polishing to achieve critical surface finish to meet flatness, parallelism, roughness, and mirror finish requirements.

Today, Akty is able to support customers from a wide range of high technology industries including semiconductors, electronics and medical industries, that require Akty’s knowledge in Advanced Ceramics and exceptional dimensional and surface finish capability.


Products & Services

  • Components for isolators in the 4G/5G base stations

  • Printer parts, customised heads/tips, machined advanced ceramics bars, and plates and rods.

  • Ceramic metallisation and screen-printing services (AgPt, AgPd, and other pastes)

  • Engineering services (surface grinding, rounding/centreless grinding, lapping/buffing/mirror finish, multi-wire sawing and dicing)

  • Akty offers customised advanced ceramics materials, mass production of machined small parts and components, and niched engineering services of international standard at very competitive prices.


Achievements & Awards

  • ISO14001
  • ISO9001


Future Plan

In alignment with Akty’s current operation of products and services, Akty plans to further develop in ceramic metallisation including molybdenum manganese (MoMn). This effort is to cater demands from the industry and continue to place Akty’s position in providing material solutions for industrial players.


Written in January 2024

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