Why Penang ?

Penang’s Accolades

Top 31 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) - locations of the future (KPMG’s “Exploring Global Frontiers” Report 2009)
Top 8 islands in the world ‘You must see before you die' (Yahoo! Travel, Feb 2011)


Top 10 dynamic industrial cluster locations in the world to have demonstrated a successful manufacturing experience among developing economies (UNIDO Industrial Development Report 2009)


The 8th most livable cities in Asia (ECA Intl. 2012)
C.A.T. Governance praised for anti-corruption efforts (Transparency International, AG Report 2010)


Top in Green initiatives in Malaysia
Top 10 best city to visit in the world (The Guardian 2014)


Top culinary spot (Lonely Planet 2014)
Top 15 best street art in the world (The Guardian 2013)


Georgetown – UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008