Why Penang ?

Why Penang

Political stability in Penang.

Penang is peaceful and its people are friendly and always willing to extend a helping hand

Business Friendly Government

The Penang State Government adopts a Competency, Accountability and Transparency Policy to ensure an efficient, responsible and pro-business environment for businesses.

Officials from the State Government and its agencies are business oriented and will go all out to assist  investors

World class infrastructure

The Penang International Airport has international linkages to many parts of the world facilitating business worldwide

2 bridges (13.5 km and 24 km long cater to ease of business transactions)

Penang’s utilities services:

Water quality meets with the World Health Organisation, supply is reliable and is the cheapest in Malaysia

Power supply is competitively priced and its reliability is 99.999%.

Broadband penetration is high and competively priced. Penang has 4G telecommunications access. Availability of over 1,000 hot spots on Penang island.

Effective and efficient supply chain

Availability of approximately 3,000 well developed local suppliers in Electronics, automation, packaging, plastics, precision engineering and metal work and software development

Availability of highly skilled, multi-lingual labour force

2 public universities and over 30 private colleges/learning institutions annually churn out a pool of human capital to support the industries at various levels

Penang’s workforce has gained industrial experience through technological transfer from the many MNCs located in Penang

Quality lifestyle

Penang’s uniqueness and attractiveness is in its blend and balance of its old world charm with easily accessible, excellent and modern living amenities such as modern residential facilities, state-of-the-art healthcare services, recreational activities and international cuisines.